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We are pleased to welcome you to our homepage.

Descriptions of all current programs can be found in the Desktop and Mobile sections of the menu. Here, you can download and test them immediately. It does not matter, whether you use macOS, Windows or Linux. All programs run native on all three systems. Most programs are also available for the iPhone or iPad.

Our company was created, because my wife was looking for an accounting program for our household. Over the years it evolved into a professional program for small and medium sized companies. But we have never forgotten our roots.

Beside this application, we developed different other applications. First, I wrote Bambini for my daughter. She used it in the first years of here live. Our common hobby is our model railway. Because I did not found an application to get an overview for all my models, I wrote a new one. Because many users asked for an application to manage their rental objects, I wrote an own program.

Chantal, Claudia and Manfred Richter

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